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Xsolla Launcher API

  • Version: v1
  • Host:
  • Protocols: https
  • Accepts: application/json
  • Responds With: application/json

Xsolla Launcher is a customizable, easy-to-integrate global client app lets you deliver games to end users. This documentation describes methods to integrate and set up the product.

Steps to Start Working with Xsolla Launcher API

  1. Register your Xsolla Publisher Account.
  2. Create the project for your game in Xsolla Publisher Account.

Groups of Methods

  • Launcher Projects to apply all Launcher settings to.
  • Games is your product delivered through Xsolla Launcher. Game build management is described in Game Delivery System API.
  • Game Media Files are used to visualize the game properties for end users in Launcher before game installation.
  • News are used to deliver last game or industry updates to end users.
  • Banners let you highlight news, increase the sales of virtual items, or share a new video with your users. You can manage different banner types.
  • Notifications provide you with the ability to notify end users. These include: push-notification, login-screen notification, and interactive banner notification (to inform the end user about an important event).
  • Analytics to manage and set up statistics collecting. Google Analytics is used to process analytics data.
  • Timelapses to generate the game video from game fragments.
  • Launcher Builds are generated for all Launcher versions and helps to manage it.
  • Launcher Update Template are used to create new Launcher versions.
  • Launcher Updates to manage Launcher updates and generate new Launcher builds.
  • Published Builds are Launcher versions placed on the master stage, so that Launcher updates are generated based on the published build. Usually there is one Launcher published build.

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